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Art Director
Art Director & Photographer

     From a very young age always had a creative vision towards nature and beauty, so started pencil sketching mostly face portraits. Wanted to have a perfect outcome without compromising on quality, always tried to make things perfect.

Father gifted a roll camera at young age, ever since have a habit of exploring and capturing the best through viewfinder. That was just the beginning.
“Wanna be a photographer …. Still thinking”

As usual need to complete studies get good marks and then earn for living, parents have been very supportive even now, in any decision they stand by me.

A Journey from an amateur to a professional photographer was really… kind of exciting. Being in a software field could not find interest then joined StarTv as designer there was lot of learning but never thought of indulging completely into IT sector. Meanwhile just out of passion and interest bought a DSLR camera. Started taking pictures and above all learnt operating camera before buying it through online media and tutorials. Experimenting in all possible ways to captures the moment perfect. Though it was not that easy job.

Every time camera in the hand whenever out for anything. As wife says “Camera is the first Baby”. Out of curiosity captured almost everything on the way, empty road, dried leaf, tiniest insects, etc. and tried finding the closest view to see the texture of nature’s beauty.
Exploration, hard work and family encouragement has helped me to choose a profession which was one of the rarest dream during childhood. 

Photography as a profession was the major decision to carry out with determination, enthusiasm and caliber. 

Last but not the least “It doesn’t matter what you have been! The only matters what you choose to be”

Art Director & Photographer

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